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I grew up in a town called Solvang with a population not much over 5,000. It’s claim to fame? Solvang is a Danish town in the middle of California. My first job was working at a clog store fitting wooden shoes on tourists that would probably never wear them again. I spent my youth participating in local theater as well as attending dance classes until I left to study Theatre Arts at California Polytechnic State University. After graduating, I relocated to Orlando and worked in Costuming at Disney World. Eventually, I landed my first paid acting gig – Halloween Horror Nights. I got paid to try and make grown men scream like a little girl. Not a bad gig.

Once I had my foot in the door, I worked my way into other roles such as animated character roles, dancing parade roles, atmosphere characters, and acting roles. I participated in further performances around the city both on stage and behind the scenes. Eventually, I set my sights on travel as a more frequent hobby and began taking photos as I went. Photography is now one of my passions – from portraits to landscapes to still life. I aim to get a different take on any situation.

More recently, I have relocated to New Zealand and become involved in the local arts scene. I had the opportunity to rock my best Madonna look in Queenstown with Whirlwind Productions’ original musical “Radio KAOS” and work with the marvelous Margaret O’Hanlon. In January 2020, I completed costumes for a pantomime version of “Cinderella” with 16th Avenue Theatre in Tauranga. This was a dream come true for me as I created Cinderella’s pauper to princess live gown transformation, which was a very rewarding challenge. Since moving to New Zealand, I have also found a passion for becoming more environmentally friendly and plan to complete projects centered around “reduce and reuse” – particularly with garments and visual art.

My favorite works have been combining my logical brain with my creative side to produce something new and innovative. If I can make a positive impact on the world with what I do or even brighten someone’s day, then I call it a job well done.

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